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From Brekendorf, at the forest car park, head north past the Immenberg, along the western edge of the Hüttener Berge, on a beautiful forest path to a track that takes you to the Brekendorf forester's lodge and then soon to the Rammsee lake. Continue past Heidberg to a road to Unterschoothorst. After a stretch of asphalt, the trail zigzags up to the Aschberg, which, at 98 m, is the first notable "summit" of the German stages.

Descend first over the road, then right over a field path and at a property with holiday apartment rentals - easy to miss - half-left into a path between two kincks down to the road Eckernförder-Owschlag, which you cross. Then soon turn right over a field path and after about 1 km turn left into the forest to Fresensee. Halfway around the lake and south out of the forest to a road, which is followed eastwards for a short distance until a track branches off to the right towards Kirchhorst. In Kirchhorst keep left towards Damendorf and about 1 km later turn right into the forest, out of it after ewta 20 minutes northwest into the Damendorfer Moor. It doesn't look so wet now, but in earlier times it was used to preserve bog bodies, which can be seen in the Schleswig State Museum. Continue to the main road, turn right and soon left towards Jürgensrade. After about 10 minutes, head north towards the forest and continue north through it, later on a dirt road to Osterby. This day brings no progress towards the south.

From Osterby continue north, later crossing a valley on a path and continuing on a field path to Kochendorf. From Kochendorf, follow a path lined with giant lime trees, the old narrow-gauge railway line, to Eckernförde.

Long stage, especially as there are several ascents. St. Andrew's cross markings currently patchy, but other markings or signposts then available.

Last text update: 08.06.2020

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  • Kompass Karte 708: Ostseefjord Schlei - Schleswig (1:35 000)

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  • Kompass Karte 724: Ostseeküste von Lübeck bis Dänemark (1:50000)

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  • Andreaskreuz / E1 St. Andrew's cross / E1


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  • Fernwanderweg E1 Deutschland Nord

    Fernwanderweg E1 Deutschland Nord


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