European long distance path E1

North Cape - Central Italy | 7 Countries | 8,000 km

The European long distance path E1 passes through seven european countries with a total length of about 8,000 km. It starts at North Cape in Norway and leads via Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Germany and Switzerland to Central Italy. The planned southern end will be the Capo Passero - a first section in Sicily was opened in 2016.

Character of the trail

E1 passes various types of landscapes, cultural and climate zones over a length of 8000km. Even in areas of high population it touches the most attractive areas, concerning landscape and culture while keeping a clear direction. 

Already existing infrastructure of regional or long distance hiking pathways are utilized in some places.

Depending on country and region the difficulty, ease of finding accomodation and "wilderness factor" are different.

  • The northermost stage in Scandinavia is very demanding. You need to carry nutrition for several days, as well as a tent. There are very few fixed accommodations.
  • The central European stage lead through areas with higher population densities, yet they sport beautiful landscapes as well as cultural points of interest. Accommodations are easily reachable so a tent is not necessary. These stages invite you to get familiar with your new long distance hiking hobby, but also to use them for regional hikes or hikes with children.
  • In Switzerland the E1 is a relatively easy way to cross the Alps via the Gotthardpass.
  • The southern stage in Italy leads through the plains around the river Po and across the Appenin. The level of difficulty changes as well as the equipment which needs to be carried along, depending on where you are hiking.



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