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Despite always being close to a number of towns – some of which have to be traversed – this stage actually takes in some attractive scenery. One of the highlights is the Sielbektal between Ratekau and Kreuzkamp.

Leaving Lübeck there is a tunnel under the River Trave, the Herrentunnel. Pedstrians are not allowed to walk through this tunnel but there is a shuttle bus (you'll find it behind the fence) to take you through to the other side (more information).

Through the tunnel, there is an alternative route that takes you through Lübeck's city centre (marked in blue on the map, available as a GPS Track).

In Klein Grönau, you can take a bus north back to Lübeck or heading south to Ratzeburg and Mölln. Click here for the timetable.

Last text update: 28.02.2018

Author(s) of this stage description: Sven Lewerentz, Daniel Seekamp

Translation by: Sven Lewerentz, Michael Alger

An der Schwartau
Das Mühlenbachtal in Lübeck-Kücknitz
Bus-Shuttle Herrentunnel
Wanderweg an der Trave
An der Trave
Schiffsverkehr auf der Trave
Wesloer Moor


  • Kompass Karte 725: Hamburg und Umgebung (1:50000)

    Map Available at mapfox.de (Ad) and amazon.de (Ad)

  • Publicpress 375: Rad- und Wanderkarte Lübecker Bucht (1:50 000)

    Map Available at amazon.de (Ad)


  • Andreaskreuz / E1 St. Andrew's cross / E1


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5-15 € 16-30 € 31-45 € >45 €
Pensionshof Offendorferfelde Ratekau-Kreuzkamp Kreuz-Icon
Ferienhof Bauer Kreuzkamp Kreuz-Icon
DJH Jugendherberge Lübeck "Vor dem Burgtor" Lübeck Kreuz-Icon
DJH Jugendherberge Lübeck "Altstadt" Lübeck Kreuz-Icon
Landhaus Absalonshorst Book at booking.com (Ad) Lübeck / Groß Grönau Kreuz-Icon

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Vicelinkirche Ratekau

In Ratekau lohnt ein kurzer Abstecher zur Vicelinkirche. Sie ist eine der besterhaltenen ostholsteinischen Feldsteinkirchen/Wehrkirchen aus dem 12. Jahrhundert. 

Quelle: Wikiepdia Artikel der Vicelinkirche


  • Fernwanderweg E1 Deutschland Nord

    Fernwanderweg E1 Deutschland Nord


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