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Attention, the following short route description is currently written from south to north:

Soon after the Vardancokha, the path is again oriented towards a reindeer fence. It now heads towards the sea and at a left bend of the fence it passes over it and continues in a wide bend towards the (right) bay. A small stream in a comparatively deep gorge has to be crossed. Shortly afterwards you have already reached sea level and it goes along the sea for a few kilometres. The path leaves the bay and after another easy river crossing it follows an ATV track or the remains of a former power line. It goes again up to the sea and after another river crossing steeply uphill on another ATV track. In the upper part of the valley, which already leads to the tunnel, the most challenging stream of the day is waiting to be crossed back to the original side. But it does not seem to make sense to stay on the western side. As a compensation, a dream view to the island Mageroya and Honningsvag is waiting. Also the tunnel entrance is already very close and the descent is accordingly steep and in bad weather very slippery. Then, as already mentioned, the brook waits at the bottom again. After that it is only a few minutes to the tunnel.

Last text update: 02.08.2022

Author(s) of this stage description: Sven Lewerentz, zaufen, Philipp

Translation by: Sven Lewerentz


  • 2036 I Magerøysundet (1:50.000)
  • Norge-serien 10188: Repvåg (1:50.000)

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  • DNT Wanderweg (Norwegen) DNT Hiking Trail (Norway)


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Várdáncokka Vardancohka
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  • Outdoor: E1 Kautokeino - Nordkap

    Outdoor: E1 Kautokeino - Nordkap


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