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Some hints to the course by Torsten Möhwald: From Sannazzaro the main route probably follows the road to the Pobrücke bridge. But there is a nice possibility to walk east of the road mainly on dirt roads. The entrance is from the road south of Sannazzaro at a small lake. One can then continue to the Po. One has to follow the Po a bit in direction of the bridge. Although the Po bridge has a narrow path for pedestrians, the way is still an imposition in view of the permanently moving trucks. This terrible road must be followed up to behind Cornale. Here, we turned right on a road (much less frequented) up to Castelnouvo Scrivia. Before Castelnouvo the first E1 markings appeared on the road. In Castelnouvo, the road leads to the Scrivia bridge, where E1 markings towards Tortona existed. Unfortunately, the road ended in nothing after a motorway bridge. From here we followed a MTB-marking to Tortona. In Tortona it does not seem to be very well ordered with overnight accommodations. If you want to save time and kilometres in the following course, you can leave the E1 behind Tortona for a while and continue to Serravalle Scrivia along the Scrivia, which is possible on pleasant paths.

Last text update: 24.09.2020

Author(s) of this stage description: Torsten Möhwald, Sven Lewerentz

Translation by: Sven Lewerentz

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