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1 Jahr 1 Monat her #660 von Balthazar Peter Hvolris
Hey there, I wanna walk through Germany for around 80 days from late February until mid May, maybe a bit longer. But I am currently having problems understanding the rules for camping with tent in Germany since some websites contradict each other, and with google translate also messing up a few things, it makes it really confusing. I was wondering if anyone here is good enough at English to explain the rules for me. (and maybe some tips with planning a trip like this)
Best regards Balthazar from denmark

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1 Jahr 3 Wochen her - 1 Jahr 3 Wochen her #661 von Sven Lewerentz
Hi, I'm not an expert, but as far as I know there is no clear rule and it can depend on local rules and ownderships. But usually it is not allowed to stay in tent in a forrest/nature. My impression is, that you usually don't get in trouble if you respect the nature (no fire/no waste). In nature reserves it is definitely forbidden.
Unfortunately there is only a very little number of places, where you officially can stay in a tent (except commercial camping sites). Some free nature campsites can be found here on the website (they are mentioned in my lists of accomodations) and some others can be found here:

Please keep in mind that February is one of the coldest months of the year in Germany and it can become very could, especially in the middle range mountains.

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