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scandinavian section

Hello, me and a friend are planning to do this walk. I am wondering if anybody has any info on the Norweigan/Swedish section. Mainly the mountainous section. I am asking if anybody has walked in these parts as I intend to bring a sled on wheels for the transportation of food in these remote areas. Any info will be greatly appreciated. Thanks Skelly

scandinavian section

Hej Rob,

I am not completely sure whether I interpreted your post correctly (blame my bad English)...

If you intend to pull your food on a wheel-sled during summer-hiking, then your project will end up in tears. Many of these mountanious parts are quite steep and rocky. Moreover, you will encounter many swamps in the valleys. So, there is no alternative to carrying the food in your backpacks (yes, a lot of food on some stages).

[Winter-hiking/skiing may well be a different story; I have no experience in that regard.]

I hope this helps.


scandinavian section

Thanks Michael, you understood correctly. I have researched and found a thing called a monowalker. a single wheeled trolley type thing, which looks fine for going uphill, it can also be disassembled and carried like a rucksack i definitely don't think two wheels would be suitable. The swamps do sound an issue. I'm guessing these would be around the valleys of the mountains? And the winter idea sounds a good option, apart from the climbing.

scandinavian section

Just googled that item; for the reference: are we talking about the 'monowalker fatmate'?

At first glance that thing may well handle most parts of the scandinavian parts (while a two-wheeler would definitely fail). However, I think you will have to use its rucksack option from time to time due to swamps, river crossings, a short climb, etc...

Actually, swamps are everywhere, but yes, typically you'll encounter those more in the valleys than in the mountains.

To get an impression of the rock fiels, you may watch her video (beginning at 9:18, you'll see the huge stonefiled west of Caihnavaggi -- in my opinion, one of the most annoying and dangerous ones, but there are plenty of those along the trail), or you may watch all her videos to see how the trail looks like.

Anyhow, I am not sure whether the weight savings are significant, and this thing seems to be pretty expensive. I, personally, would rather invest in a lighter tent, a lighter sleeping bag, etc. Needless to say, leave any maybe-useful-at-some-point-stuff home! How much weight are you planning to carry?

On the other hand, it would be interesting to read a report after your trip how that experiment turned out :D

scandinavian section

Okay, just found a bloke, Aleks Kashefi who attempted to tun the route. Sounds very gruelling. And very boggy, and lots of river crossings etc. will have a rethink. And yes the fat mate