THEMA: Norway and Maps

Norway and Maps

We are planning a walking holiday in Norway, summer 2019: a couple of weeks hiking South from Nordkapp then a few other selected walking in Norway.

I have read that the 1:50 000 series maps are 'old' and 'outdated' but the new maps appear to be only 1:100 000.

Anyone had direct experience with maps and which would you recommend. As I have always hiked with maps 1:25 000 / 1: 40,000 the 1:100,000 seem impractical for navigational purposes.

We will have the standard GPS machine but I like a real map for safety.



Norway and Maps

I can recommend two websites where you can print maps on your own. This should be sufficient for safety-backup purposes. These maps are up to date and for free!
  • here you can print a 12 x A4-sheet area in 1:25000 or 1:50000 scale [to do so you have to search ('søk') a place, say Kautokeino, first. Then click on 'Lag Turkart' to choose an area. ] Edit: Just noticed that Norgeskart also has an English menu (click on the menu icon; then you can choose the language at the bottom)
  • This is more customizable, but probably a bit more complicated. You can choose the scale and the dpi resolution, and you may create A3-files. However, you can only print one sheet at once which may take a while,
Generally, I prefer norgeskart, but kartutskript is useful for higer-scale maps, for example an area overview.