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8 Jahre 6 Monate her - 8 Jahre 6 Monate her #95 von Sven Lewerentz
Dear visitors,

today I launched the english version of this website. Please note, that it is still a "beta". Some translations are still missing, some parts of the website - like the blog - can currently only be accessed on the german website. Some multilingual features will be added in the next weeks and months.

Please help me to improve the quality of the english translations. If you have any suggestions for better translations, please let me know. There is a thread in this forum called "translations", where you can post your suggestions. Stage descriptions in english language can be submitted, although the form is only in german language at the moment.

I hope an english version of this website will help to increase awareness of E1 and to attract some international hikers to the amazing E1 and this website.

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