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The first time I laid eyes on Dustin Pedroia in a Red Sox uniform in 2006, my reaction was probably like that of everyone else who had ever undersold him -- that's it? New York Mets

The Athletic's story came two weeks after ESPN reported on a string of explicit, unsolicited text messages sent by now-former Mets general manager Jared Porter to a female reporter in 2016, one of which included an image of an erect penis. Porter was promptly fired, but he owned up to the transgression.

However, Shea notes that the Giants discuss the top free agents every year, meaning it is not clear just how serious the interest in Bauer could be. Los Angeles Angels

And then I swear to God this happened: It’s about 11:30 at night, and I’m in bed on my phone. I’m shuffling between various roster pages, thinking through different possibilities, trying to figure it all out. When all of a sudden it hits me — man, I’m telling you, like a bolt of lightning. Milwaukee Brewers

The Angels announced their decision a day after the allegations against the former New York Mets manager appeared in a report by The Athletic.

Bowles was DC for the Cardinals in 2013-2014 before getting hired as head coach of the New York Jets. Boston Red Sox
Mlb Masks For Sale

The Cubs finally did something half decent today for the first time this off-season and then the freaking Cardinals go right out and get freaking Arenado

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