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Schefter did bring up that former Panthers owner Jerry Richardson also made clear he had no intentions of selling his franchise, but eventually sold the team amid a flurry of inappropriate accusations.

The 25-year-old corner even earned the fifth-highest Pro Football Focus grade of any cornerback in the NFL from Week 8 through 12. Unfortunately, he didn’t suit up in another game the rest of the season after Week 13 due to injury. Dallas Cowboys Face masks

Paton said the team also plans to tender wide receiver Tim Patrick and linebacker Alexander Johnson, but did not specify the level of those tenders either.

Henry has a projected market value of $10.6 million over four years, according to Spotrac, and giving him that deal would keep him as the third-highest paid tight end in the league. He isn’t the only option to upgrade the passing game, as potential free-agent receivers like Curtis Samuel, Allen Robinson, and Kenny Golladay could be available. Cleveland Browns Face masks
New Nfl Face Masks

"For me the overarching message for me -- and so everybody else that loved him and knew him dearly -- is he is who we thought he was," Kirwan said, who described Jackson as honorable and dependable.

McClain believes Watson too can come out the other side and benefit from it. Even though it's challenging right now, Williams showed that it's possible for players to anchor in their demands to get what they want. Now, McClain feels that eventually, some team is going to get very lucky and get a generational-type quarterback. Denver Broncos Face masks

I respect that he added weight to transition to running back, and that he showed toughness by breaking 36 tackles on 132 attempts and durability by taking 25-or-more carries in three of six games last season. As a runner, Felton’s strengths are insane shakability and explosive burst. When he gets to the second and third levels, you see the returner in him, weaving through traffic and making guys miss. Seattle Seahawks Face masks

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